Nurturing Infants to Prevent Attachment Disorder

Attachment disorder is a serious psychiatric illness that can develop in young children who have problems with their emotional relationships with their parents, guardians or caregivers. It can be classified as Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder (DSED) and the most common one, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

Children with reactive attachment disorder develop anxiety from interacting with people because of their history of abuse, neglect and other bad experiences. On the other hand, children with disinhibited social engagement disorder immediately trust anybody without even consulting their parents or caregivers.

Attachment disorder should be treated immediately as it can affect the perspective, behavior, and personality of your children. However, it is most recommended that you prevent the possibility of your children developing an attachment disorder. Parents are the primary figures to help their children grow the way it should be. Here are some tips for mothers, and even fathers on how to raise their babies and prevent attachment disorder:

Talk to them

Even if they are still infants, it is important that you regularly communicate with them. Always say their names as it establishes connection and identification that the child is your child and you are his or her parent.

Play with them

Make it a habit to play with your children. Playing is an activity that strengthens family relationships as it entails physical contact. Bring your children toys, puzzles, and videos to watch.

Bathe with your baby

Cleaning your child is one of the many ways on how to show our care and love. We do not want them to get dirty. We want them to be germ-free so that they will be brought away from colds and illnesses.

Massage your baby

Massaging your baby is a great physical contact that allows you to show how you want your child to feel relaxed and comfortable. Perform a mild massage in the child’s head, face, back, hands and feet to let the child feel the warmth of having a parent.

Sleep with your baby

Some parents distant their babies during sleep. However, during the early stages of infancy, it is important to place your baby near you, skin-to-skin. The baby needs the warmth of their parents.

Sing and dance

Sing to your child’s A-B-C’s and random sounds. Dance with your child and swing him or her into the air. This is another parent-child bonding that strengthens your relationship.

Teach your baby

Teach your baby how to call you “mom” or “dad”. Always spend time educating your child about the alphabet, numbers, animals, and others. But more importantly, teach them good manners.

Hugs and kisses

These are the perfect representation of love and affection. This may sound corny but it is important that you hug and kiss your child. It manifests that you love and protect your child and you do not want anything bad to happen.

These are just a few of the many ways on how to show your love to your children. If you have bad experiences from the past, do not let this happen over again to your children.


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