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Symptoms, Causes and Research


•Intense control battles, very bossy and argumentative; defiance and anger
•Resists affection on parental terms
•Lack of eye contact, especially with parents - will look into your eyes when lying
•Manipulative - superficially charming and engaging
•Indiscriminately affectionate with strangers
•Poor peer relationships
•Lies about the obvious
•Lack of conscience - shows no remorse
•Destructive to property, self and/or others
•Lack of impulse control
•Learning lags/delays
•Speech and language problems
•Incessant chatter and/or questions
•Inappropriately demanding and/or clingy
•Food issues - hordes, gorges, refuses to eat, eats strange things,  hides food
•Fascinated with fire, blood, gore, weapons, evil
•Very concerned about tiny hurts but brushes off big hurts
•Parents appear hostile and angry
•The child was neglected and/or physically abused in the first three  years of life


Terry Levy and Mike Orlans answer the question
What is Attachment Disorder?

Symptom Checklist 
from Evergreen Consultants

A well-respected center in Colorado that treats RAD
The Institute for Attachment & Child Development

Potential Causes

Separation from the primary caregiver
Changes in the primary caregiver
Frequent moves and/or placements
Traumatic experiences
Maternal depression 
Maternal addiction - drugs or alcohol
Undiagnosed, painful illness such as colic, ear infections, etc.
Lack of attunement between mother and child
Young or inexperienced mother with poor parenting skills

What is Attachment?

What is Attachment
By Kathleen G. Moss, LCSW, ACSW

Learn about the work of John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and others

by Deborah Hage

Research and Diagnosis

Diagnostic criteria for 313.89
Reactive Attachment Disorder
of Infancy or Early Childhood

Behavenet Clinical Capsule

Center for Family Development

Preliminary Outcome Data 
 Family Attachment and Counseling Center of Minnesota


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