About Us

Attachment Disorder is the perfect home for you to seek support and understanding about attachment issues. We are passionate about helping parents and caregivers know about the attachment disorder and how this may affect their children.

Attachment disorder range in severity. It has affected the growth and development of the children. Thus, it is important for us to be educated regarding the potential threats and problems the children may be facing due to attachment issues. We promise to accompany you in the journey of healing and recovery, without losing hope that someday, all the children suffering from attachment disorder may find the light to enjoy living in this beautiful world without fears and anxieties.

We target parents, guardians, brothers and sisters, and caregivers who are the primary characters in the battle against attachment disorder. As adult figures of children, we should be the perfect example of love and compassion. Let us not allow our children think about problems in their youth. They deserve to play, to learn and to enjoy childhood.

In this site, we strive to offer you essential advice on how to help our children in their battle against attachment disorder. Together, let us make good memories for our child to heal and mend wounded hearts.