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In this site, we offer you knowledge about attachment disorder. This includes the background, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. We also provide advice for parents and caregivers on how to manage children with attachment disorder. To help you more, here are some sites that may help you in your battle against attachment disorder:

Attachment Disorder Maryland

This blog contains the studies of the late Lawrence B. Smith, the therapist who is popular for his contribution to the understanding of attachment disorder. It has excerpts from his famous publication Oil and Water: The Attachment Disordered Child and School.

Help Guide

Help Guide is a trusted website that deals with mental health in general. They talk about stress and depression, suicide prevention, parenting and relationships, and most especially, attachment disorder.

Good Therapy

Apart from the essential knowledge about attachment issues, Good Therapy is also a useful resource to look for some of the best therapists who can you with your mental health.

Evergreen Psychotherapy Center

This website is driven to help children, adults, and families with trauma and attachment problems. They provide therapy for children, adults, and couples. They also offer intensive outpatient programs and professional training.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is one of the leading sites that provide quality patient care and health information. They have over 3, 000 physicians, scientists and researchers contributing knowledge about certain mental health issues including attachment disorder.

Always remember that not all you read on the internet may be useful or may answer your health concerns. It is always advisable to seek medical and professional help.