10 Early Signs of a Child with Attachment Disorder

Psychologists believe that the leading reason why children develop attachment disorder is that of their relationship with their parents. They are often the children who are physically abused and neglected. However, there are children who managed to overcome the disorder through the help of educators, teachers, friends, and caregivers. To determine if a child is suffering attachment disorder, here are the early 10 signs and symptoms:

Lack of eye contact

One of the most evident signs that a child has attachment disorder is the lack of eye contact. These individuals could not look straight in the eyes of the person they are talking to. It is either they bow their heads down or they look in different directions. In short, they do not want eye contact.

Aversion to touch

According to Help Guide, children with reactive attachment disorder dislikes being touched. They perceive physical contact as a threat or harm. They also do not want physical affection like hugs and kisses. They wanted to keep themselves preserved, and avoiding touches make them feel safe.

Control issues

RAD children lack control of themselves. They are often careless and disobedient. They often engage in arguments. Moreover, they like breaking the rules.

Socially detached

Apparently, attachment disorder makes children socially detached. They have trust issues. They do not want to make friends or at least start relationships with people. They dislike group discussions, forums and anything that involves being in a circle of people.

Anger problems

Apart from being defiant, they also get mad very easily. Since they do not have control of their emotions, they resort to tantrums or through manipulative, passive-aggressive behavior. Further, some children with RAD express their anger through giving high five that hurts or super tight hugs.

Frequent lying

To avoid lengthy conversations, children with attachment disorder often lie despite obvious reasons. One example is that when these children are asked about their day and they respond that it went fine even if they had a bad day.

Cruel and destructive

Children who acquire attachment disorder because of their experience of physical abuses often turn violent, cruel and destructive. It may be evident the way they like destroying their toys or any other things. Some are also cruel to animals and plants.

Difficulty showing care

Because some of them have not experienced genuine care, they also have difficulty expressing care and affection. It is reciprocal to the idea that they do not want attention and love. Thus, they do not have an idea how to be expressive.

Underdeveloped conscience

They have a very poor conscience and are weak in determining between right and wrong. Thus, they tend to side the wrong doings. They do not want to feel the credit and the fulfillment for doing well.

Not affectionate with parents

Children with attachment disorder grew up without feeling loved by their parents. They believe that their parents hate them. In return, they are not affectionate with their parents. Most of them also turn rebellious to their parents.

If you see these symptoms to your children, immediately seek professional help.

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