Therapy for Adults and Couples with Attachment Disorder

Adults and couples undergo series of destructive patterns in their lives which also destroy their attachment bonds to their partners, families and loved ones. To prevent the development of attachment disorder among couples and adults, there are specially-designed therapies to help them cope with life.

Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, an institute that provides attachment treatment and training offers their custom-tailored therapy program that aims to promote positive changes for couples and adults, including new choices, perspectives, behaviors, and relationships, among others. Their program also explores areas such as conflict resolution and anger management.

Here are the goals of an attachment therapy program:

Learn relationship skills

Adults who have experienced trauma in the past are more vulnerable to attachment disorders. They grew up in families in which problems were not properly addressed and resolved. Thus, this therapy will teach adults skills on how to enhance the couple’s ability to work out their differences and effectively resolve conflicts.

Resolve old grief

Adults have memories of losses printed in their hearts which prevent them to move on. They need to go through a process of moving forward from grieving their childhood losses. The therapy offers an opportunity for healing and recovery. The program also allows to master the original hurts rather than re-enacting them by attacking or withdrawing.

Find new approaches

Adults are often limited to their own intellectual understanding, feeling omniscient all over matters. However, adults should listen to their feelings as these will rule their interactions and will determine their attitudes, perceptions, and judgments. The therapy provides a collaborative environment which enables couples to explore new productive behaviors.

Develop attachment communication skills

Communication plays a vital role in alleviating attachment disorders among adults. Through the therapy, couples will be able to create safe and constructive strategies for effective communication. This is practiced through sharing and listening, which increases positive patterns of interacting. Couples can be able to express their needs and be open to each other’s’ differences.  Further, the program will help couples develop conflict-management and problem-solving skills.

Couples should be emotionally stable to prepare them in building their family. They should learn how to be open to each other and move away from their hurtful histories. Through this, they can provide the love, care, and attention to their children so they can grow and interact normally, without fear and anxiety.

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